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Many artists don't currently have an online store. By submitting your work to Quaranzine you are supporting yourself! All paid streams, merch, music, art, and material for sale by artists and organizers directly funds those on this site. 


Donations to Quaranzine subscriptions will be donated to the Twin Cities Music Community Trust and Springboard for the Arts Personal Emergency Relief Fund. A portion of the funds will be allocated to the artists organizing the site. 

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Submissions are unlimited and ongoing. Providing updates and additions helps our output grow.

  • Your work. We will be releasing creative content to be shared online throughout the stay-at-home order. 

  • Links to your online store, fundraisers, website, venmo or paypal, and social media pages. 

  • Gift cards or links to businesses offering different payment channels to support through (Venues, record stores, galleries, etc.).

  • Event updates for rescheduling, cancellations, and postponements or online streaming events. 

  • Resources for the creative community to turn to. 

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Submissions are unlimited and ongoing. Providing updates and additions helps our output grow.

  • We want to know how your work, art, or income, been effected by COVID-19. In you submission, please describe your place in the music and arts community. 

  • We are providing a platform for links to streaming or online events. We are NOT placing the stream directly on our site. 

  • All events listed are based on submissions or those we are aware of. If your event isn't listed, you'll need to submit it!

  • There are plenty of resource lists out there, but we hope to provide another access point to great resources. Submit those we may have left out. 

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Quarenzine is organized by Treedome Productions, a collaborative production studio in Winona, MN creating for artists, by artists.

Quarenzine is not affiliated with a non-profit. Funding from this project directly supports the work of artists and organizers on this site.

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